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Here are 8 free download resources used to help start, get approval and succeed with your campus organization.

MFSAOC Handbook

for Clubs/Chapters/Alliances

WOWW Handbook

for Independent Journalists

Proposal Template for Clubs/Chapters/Alliances

Recommended Speakers List

Chicago Statement Petition

Constitution Sample

Five-Star Event Checklist

Sign-up Sheets

World Of Writing Warriors (WOWW) Journalism Code of Ethics,
Practical Logic & Sapience Guidelines

Make Free Speech Again on Campus

"Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored."
Aldous Huxley
High School Club Activism Kit

Starter kit contains one 4' x 2' banner, 55 club flyers, 65 nametags, 55 posters, 55 bookmarks, and 135 business cards. Cost is $100.

Starter kit contains one 4.5' x 2' banner, 65 club flyers, 85 nametags, 65 posters, 65 bookmarks, and 165 business cards. Cost is $125.

University Alliance 
Activism Kit

Starter kit contains one 5' x 2' banner, 80 club flyers, 100 nametags, 80 posters, 80 bookmarks, and 200 business cards. Cost is $150.

Community College
Chapter Activism Kit