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CLUB or CHAPTER or ALLIANCE Organizations

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Organization Obligations

In order to remain an active SAPIENT BEING organization each group is responsible for:

  • Maintaining an Executive Board/Officer Team with at least three positions: President, Vice President, and Treasurer. More positions may be required by the organization’s school.

  • Organizing at least one (1) activism initiative per academic semester.

  • Submit and “End of Year Activity Report” document to SAPIENT BEING HQ by May 30 of each year. The document will be completed online and take approximately 40 – 60 minutes to complete.

  • Remaining in communication with a SAPIENT BEING HQ on a regular basis.

  • Adhering to the SAPIENT BEING’S Organization Code of Conduct and ensuring all operations are in accordance to 501(c) (3) guidelines.

  • SAPIENT BEING organizations may never host a speaker on campus without SAPIENT BEING HQ approval.

  • Before the organization dues/activism kit is purchased, each organization must first provide their school’s name and logo image on a jpeg or jpg file to SAPIENT BEING HQ so a school name template can be agreed upon and used for the organization’s custom SAPIENT BEING/(SCHOOL NAME) Logo which will be need for the group’s banner that is included in their activism kit.

Club, Chapter and Alliance (i.e., Organizations) Code of Conduct

Each of the three types of SAPIENT BEING organizations are expected to adhere to the following conduct expectations:

SAPIENT BEING organizations may never endorse any candidates running for public office. Leaders of the organization may endorse candidates in their personal time but may not do so on behalf of the organization.

SAPIENT BEING organizations may never campaign for political candidates or aid political campaigns in any manner (donate money, recruit campaign volunteers, etc.). Leaders of the organization may do these activities in their personal time but may not do so on behalf of the organization.

Organizations may never design, offer, or sell apparel that is not designed and approved by SAPIENT BEING’S HQ.

SAPIENT BEING organizations may never host a speaker on campus without approval from SAPIENT BEING HQ. The application to host a speaker can be found on the RESOURCES page at To verify and confirm your speaker, please contact the SAPIENT BEING HQ at (951) 638-5562 or at at least 4 weeks in advance or the proposed speaking engagement date.   

The SAPIENT Being’s 501 (c) (3) Status

The SAPIENT BEING (Society Advancing Personal Intelligence & Enlightenment Now Together) is a new education based organization approved by the IRS on 4-16-19 as a non-profit 501 c (3) charity with tax deductible donation status. Organizations found participating in and/or supporting any kind of election campaign (school or campus, school district or college district, city, county, state and national) activities and endorsements will be disassociated immediately.

Right to Disassociation

If any organization is found to be operating outside the guidelines by the SAPIENT BEING and/or leaders or members of the organization participate in activities or demonstrate conduct deemed inappropriate by the SAPIENT BEING HQ, the SAPIENT BEING reserves the right to disassociate with the organization and revoke the group’s right to operate under the SAPIENT BEING name.

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