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The SAPIENT Being's W.O.W.W. MADNESS Book Schedule is Here

Becoming a World of Writing Warrior (WOWW) provides you the unique opportunity to fight back, and reverse the practices in mainstream media, social medial, and illiberal establishments that in principal and in practice are antithetical to an intellectually vibrant campus and academic culture. Every WOWW member has this opportunity, and they have it for life!

The WOWW Program provides an opportunity for unpublished writers, student and graduate journalists, debate programs and sponsors, white paper researchers and authors of every discipline and background to contribute to and/or utilize the content for/from the 50 MADNESS titles and chapters published by Fratire Publishing and be recognized and/or benefit from it.

Throughout today's multiple media channels, the purveyors of fake news as well as the majority of America's predominantly liberal, and sometime leftist, primary and secondary educational and academic institutions, there are hundreds, if not thousands of stories, papers, thesis, that are not being considered and told.

If you're interest in being part of the solution to this serious problem and desire to join the WOWW Program, please register below and then send us direct correspondence by email with your research and/or or writing topic/project proposal addressed to MADNESS Topic Suggestions at

How to Contribute to/or Benefit From the WOWW Books

Every year for ten years from 2020 to 2029 there will be 5 MADNESS books published each year and before each one is published there is a three-month pre-publishing period for WOWW members where they can contribute to or benefit from each book and have the opportunity to do two things:

Review and comment about each book’s detailed Table of Contents (TOC) looking for missed or additional topics related to that particular book and/or to participate with alternative content contribution to the 15 chapters and almost 100 topics.

Or use various content from the 15 chapters and almost 100 topics for your own alternative student papers, theses, journalism, research, grant proposals, public policy, debates, fact/fake news checking, classroom topics and news reports.

However, WOWW Members can retrieve anytime they want to a free pdf (using a members only link) for their own use and/or personal/professional projects of each of the 50 MADNESS book titles throughout and after the pre-publications stages. This three-step process works as follows where members can:

1. Access the table of contents (TOC) at the first month of the three-month pre-publication process/period.

2. Access the first draft at the second month of the three-month pre-publication process/period.

3. Access the final draft at the third month of the three-month pre-publication process/period.

Great ideas and new content are never denied due to a past pre-publication due date noted above. Another benefit of WOWW membership permits members the chance to continually contribute to future editions of each MADNESS book, as many times as they want to, as each edition evolves and is updated over the decade, with new/revised content added so it remains current and relevant.

Does Any Other Journalistic Program Provide These Benefits?

When you become a lifetime member of the WOWW Program for a one time membership fee of $25.00, you also receive a member welcome email, member certificate, and 25% off coupon code for all MADNESS e-books. As previously noted, all WOWW Members receive a link to the members only page where they can download a pdf file of the TOC (first month), first draft (second month), and final draft (third month) for each MADNESS book. All these benefits are yours for life for a one-time $25 membership fee that is also tax deductive.

The 5 proposed WOWW Program MADNESS book titles for 2020 pre-publication and publication are:

  • (JUL) Fake News Madness: A SAPIENT Being’s Guide to Spotting Fake News Media and How to Help Fight and Eliminate It

  • (AUG) Crime Rate Madness: A SAPIENT Being’s Guide to the Truth Behind Racial Crime Rate Disparities

  • (SEP) Voting Madness: A SAPIENT Being’s Guide to Revealing How Seriously the Democratic Party is Stealing Elections

  • (OCT) Democratic Party Madness: A SAPIENT Being’s Guide to the Current State of Democratic Party Policies & Agenda

  • (NOV) Trump Madness: A SAPIENT Being’s Guide to Why Fighting Politics as Usual Can Cure Governing Madness

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