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S.A.P.I.E.N.T. Being 25% OFF Books Sale

Happy Holidays and New Year!

As a way of saying thanks and rewarding our sapient being family of listeners, please use this 25% OFF coupon code WOWW25 for all of the S.A.P.I.E.N.T. Being’s books published so far (like The S.A.P.I.E.N.T. Being) and the first five MADNESS book titles listed below. This books sale is good starting today all the way through the end of the 2021 new year (372 days!).

Fake News Madness

A SAPIENT Being’s Guide to Spotting Fake News Media and How to Help Fight and Eliminate It

An analysis of fake and false news in mainstream and social media, journalism academic institutions, data/fact checking resources, about Trump derangement syndrome, 2016 election predictions, application of journalistic code of ethics, practical logic and more.

Crime Rate Madness

A SAPIENT Being’s Guide to the Color of Crime, Antifa, Black Lives Matter and Insurrection

An analysis of racial crime rate disparities, interracial victimization rates, incarceration rates, so called police brutality, depolicing efforts, BLM and Antifa instigated riots, domestic terrorism, law enforcement practices, black-on-black crime, and more.

Voting Madness

A SAPIENT Being’s Guide to Revealing How Seriously the Democratic Party is Stealing Elections

An analysis of pervasive Democratic Party voter fraud and techniques, stealing elections, voter ID laws, voter suppression, mail in ballots, cleaning voting registration rolls, 2020 census, foreign influences, list of voter fraud incidences/impact, recounts, and more.

Democratic Party Madness

A SAPIENT Being’s Guide to the Current State of Democratic Party Policies & Agenda

An analysis of the leftward shift of Democratic Party polices, platform, and agenda, ideological shift, embracing progressivism and socialism, scandals, Trump derangement syndrome, impeachment madness, 2016 election disaster, Blexit, and more.

Trump Madness

A SAPIENT Being’s Guide to Why Fighting Politics as Usual Can Cure Governing Madness

An analysis of Trump's anti-establishment policies, battle against fake news, social media, Washington elites, globalism and success with economic revitalization, fighting terrorism, illegal immigration, pandemic relief, bureaucracy, and much more.

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