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Today’s Progressivism in America

Historically, the United States has possessed a single dominant ideology of liberalism (I.e., “classical” liberalism, not to be confused with today’s neo-liberalism) that sustained itself from previous ideological challengers. Classical Liberalism is a political ideology that promises liberty for the individual. It employs the concept of inalienable rights and individual freedoms. These ideas and principles are expressed in America’s founding documents—the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights—and have been echoed in American political ideas, practices, tradition, and culture since the American Revolution of 1776.

Opposed to classic liberalism, Western leftists like to refer to themselves as “progressives,” and their worldview most closely resembles an evolving fascism, differing only in degree—so far. Their programs include increased government control, the reduction of civil liberties, and the transfer of power from the people, state governments, and Congress to federal bureaucrats, courts, and international institutions. None of these goals, when compared to classical liberalism, are “progressive” – but “regressive” to the very foundations of the United States of America.

Today’s Progressivism in 21st Century America

These leftists call themselves “progressives” as a form of self-praise, an assertion that their politics represent a higher consciousness than the prejudices of the mob of unthinking deplorables and will lead mankind to a sunny upland where human nature will transcend its baser impulses, and peace and harmony will reign. The hypocrisy of their belief structure will unfold as we learn more about Progressivism.

Furthermore, Progressivism Isn’t progressive—it’s recycled and repackaged Marxism for a 21st century audience as you will see as we learn more about it in the following articles.

Conservatives, independents, and sapient beings should not indulge so-called progressives in this self-deception. We should stop using “progressive” as a synonym for the noun “Left” or the adjective “left-wing” and use “regressive” instead. At first, you might be wondering why this antonym is being used—but as we move through this presentation, it will become clearly evident there is no progress for Americans from progressivism’s regressivism—only an Orwellian 1984 future that will fundamentally change America for the worse.

Make no mistake: This neo-Marxist assault has been planned and coordinated for years to strike America where she is weakest: in her innate sense of rightness and fair play. Under so-called progressive pedagogy, you’ll see how quickly we have moved from Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s plea that we judge a man by “the content of his character” and back to “the color of his skin.” It’s progressivism madness—and if Dr. King could see what happened to his dream—he’d be rolling in his grave.

Progressivism’s Long March Through America’s Institutions

As in Karl Marx’s older drama, the moral imperative of Progressives is to once again “set things right.” In Marx’s time this was the task of revolutionaries. Today this task falls to progressive politicians and activists, social justice reformers, civil rights workers, cultural appropriation enforcers, diversity, and inclusion warriors and the like who have spread into the media, government, college campuses, neighborhood organizations and workplaces.

In the past, Marxist revolutionaries sought to set things right by leading a revolution to overthrow the capitalist system and replace it with a just economic system. Progressives want to set things right through social change in order to create a “just” society. In a just society everyone is equal: men and women, immigrants and native-born, persons of various racial and ethnic groups, heterosexuals, and homosexuals, first and third world people, disabled and able-bodied.

Progressives feel (and “feel” may be a more appropriate verb than “think”) that because they want to do something that is so obviously good (i.e., help the poor, fight racism, climate justice, etc.), their policy recommendations must necessarily be the right and best solutions—and that anyone who disagrees with them is, a bad or hateful person.

Thus, for example, these naive U.S. progressives are convinced that because they have good intentions, they can make socialism work. They think socialism hasn’t succeeded elsewhere because the leaders either didn’t implement socialism thoroughly enough or because those leaders weren’t good people.

Or, they champion the myth of Scandinavian “democratic socialism” as proof it can work—when in fact, it’s a progressive myth, false narrative, a hypocrisy—because these countries are just as capitalist as the USA but with larger welfare programs paid for by highly progressive tax rates. These Nordic countries are not socialist, but the ones who most certainly are, and have failed miserably across the world stage, are the Soviet Union, Cuba, Mao’s China, North Korea, and most recently, Venezuela.

However, what the Soviet Union failed to do economically and militarily during its losing 20th-century confrontation with the West, cultural Marxism, by way of 21st century Progressivism, are coming closer to realizing the collapse of Western Civilization at the hands of young progressives via the destruction of what the Russian communists used to refer to as the “principal enemy”—the United States.

Revolutionary Justice and the ‘Progressive’ Terror

Having inherited from their communist totalitarian forbears the self-righteous certitude that they have proprietary rights to virtue and truth, contemporary progressives continue to occult a Nietzschean will to power behind a nimbus of moral superiority. In the good old days of Lenin, Stalin, and Mao, non-conforming opinion was condemned as “bourgeois,” “anti-revolutionary.” Today, the enemies of “so-called” progress are denounced as “bigoted,” “racist,” “sexist,” or “homophobic,” and thereupon subjected to all the latest instruments of revolutionary justice from Generations X, Y and Z, the overwhelming demographic of Progressivism.

Non-progressive opinion—i.e., any criticism of homosexuality, transgenderism, radical feminism, or Black Lives Matter—is criminalized as “hate speech”; ideological censorship is now euphemized as academic “trigger warnings,” “speech codes,” or Big Tech “fact-checking,” or effected by political mobs who have exchanged the brown and black shirts of last century’s utopian fanatics for the more fashionable hoodies and balaclavas of the millennial social justice movement.

Lenin’s and Mao’s paranoid loathing of the bourgeoisie, moreover, has once again mutated, as it did a century ago, from class hatred into race hatred, in the post-modernist diabolization of whites as the inheritors of “privilege,” and along with it a collective guilt transmitted through the blood, demanding rituals of expiation. Whites are now considered the racial bogeymen responsible for the world’s social and economic woes (as the Jews were for the National Socialists {Nazis}, who had learned from their communist tutors the political usefulness of scapegoating a collective enemy).

Article content courtesy of the forthcoming Progressivism Madness: A SAPIENT Being’s Guide to the Idiocracy and Hypocrisy of the ‘Regressivism’ Movement (Winter 2023).

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