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SAPIENT Being Textbook "Fake News Madness" is Published

An analysis of fake and false news in mainstream and social media, journalism academic institutions, data/fact checking resources, about Trump derangement syndrome, 2016 election predictions, application of journalistic code of ethics, practical logic and more.

Millions of today’s youth, college students, and young adults have been brainwashed over the decades by fake news coming from mainstream media (MSM), social media, and leftist academia to the point where they lack the open mindedness, objectivity, and critical thinking skills to recognize it and its harmful effects.

Fake News Madness offers an opportunity to be part of the solution to this problem. By spotting fake news media using ethical journalistic standards we can take action to fight and eliminate fake news with practical logic, facts, truth, and sapience—and together counter the biased and unethical journalism, mainstream news, and social media on and off campus.

For some of you this MADNESS book will be a revelation, an epiphany, a sapient being moment. For others, it will be a triggering event, denial of truth, and a painful intervention.

As the time-tested saying goes, “Everyone is entitled to their own opinions—but they’re not entitled to their own facts.” Facts are facts, the truth is the truth, but they can be skewed and manipulated for disingenuous methods and false narratives. Mainstream news, social media, and academia have perfected and promoted their liberal and leftist agenda without recourse. They are in many ways the media arm of the Democratic Party and many are infected with Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS).

Only seven percent of American journalists identify as Republican and the rest claim that despite the fact they’re all Democrats, they can be objective. It just ain’t so! Psychologists and the Heterodox Academy have shown that when people associate almost exclusively with those who agree with them, they suffer from groupthink, viewpoint orthodoxy, and confirmation bias—and lose their ability to see events clearly and objectively.

In 2016 the fake news media narrative was more an unequivocal declaration: Donald Trump must not win. As well all know, he did, and the overwhelming pro-Clinton MSM predicted he would lose. And lose big! How could they get it so wrong? And how could one man be the number one obsession and enemy of fake news?

Table of Contents

Acknowledgements A Sapient Being's Preface Are You a Sapient Being or Want to Be One? 1 – The Fake News Orgy of the 2016 Election 2 – Pretty Much All of Journalism Now Leans Left 3 – The Problem With Journalists and Media Bias 4 – Today's Media Elites: A Byproduct of Campus Illiberalism 5 – Media Polarization and the 2020 Election: A Nation Divided 6 – Not So Hidden Agenda and Collusion of Fake News Media 7 – The Destructive Influence and Power of Fake News Media 8 – Social and Mainstream Media’s Anti-Conservative Bias 9 – 33 Examples of Twitter’s Anti Conservative Bias 10 – The MSM and Democratic Party’s Collusion to Destroy Trump 11 – WOWW’s Journalism Code of Ethics, Practical Logic & Sapience 12 – 25 Other MSM Worst Fake New Examples 13 – Spotting Fake News Media Like a Media Watchdog 14 – Ten Prevalent Liberal/Leftist Fake News Stories and Agendas 15 – Which Media Sources Can We Trust and Not Trust? Appendix Glossary References Index Author Bio

World of Writing Warriors (WOWW) Program

The SAPIENT Being‘s World of Writing Warriors (WOWW) Program utilizing 50 essential textbooks for the 2020 decade covering the most contentious and critical MADNESS topics is offering a new textbook program starting with these titles:

Fake News Madness: A SAPIENT Being’s Guide to Spotting Fake News Media and How to Help Fight and Eliminate It (Jan. 2021)

Crime Rate Madness: A SAPIENT Being’s Guide to the Color of Crime, Antifa, BLM, SPLC & OSF Impacts on Criminal Justice (Feb. 2021)

Voting Madness: A SAPIENT Being’s Guide to Revealing How Seriously the Democratic Party is Stealing Elections (Mar. 2021)

Trump Madness: A SAPIENT Being’s Guide to Why Fighting Politics as Usual Can Cure Governing Madness (Apr. 2021)

Free Speech Madness: A SAPIENT Being’s Guide to Detecting Free Speech Suppression and How to Fight and Eliminate It (May 2021)

A Sapient Being’s Call to Action

If you value freedom of speech, viewpoint diversity, and intellectual humility please support and utilize our textbook program at your academic institution. We are also in need of book reviews. The MADNESS series of textbooks can be purchased at Fratire Publishing in three versions:

$29.99 for paperback option

$14.99 for pdf option

$7.99 for ebook option

To learn more about the SAPIENT Being’s programs and their series of MADNESS textbooks, visit Fratire Publishing at or email or call 951-638-5562 for more info.

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