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FREE "Education Madness" Textbook

FREE Education Madness Textbook (offer good through January 4, 2023) INSTRUCTIONS Follow the "FREE Education Madness Textbook" link button below, click "PDF Doc @ $19.99", then "Add to Cart" for the PDF version and then click "View Cart" and then go to "Enter COUPON Code" and type FREESAPIENCE during checkout and the Education Madness textbook is yours free of charge. The definitive and up-to-date textbook on America's educational systems According to many government statistics, America’s education system is failing due to lower expectations and the shift in focus from academic excellence in mathematics, science, reading, and history toward the implementation of social constructs like critical race theory equals fewer literate graduates. “Public records and other evidence show that state-level and some local education officials are no longer focused on maintaining high academic standards and providing the best public education possible to students,” according to Liv Finne. “Instead, a concern for learning has been replaced by an aggressive political agenda designed to instill doubt, mental pain and low expectations in students. This race-centered agenda also seeks to divide children from teachers, their own communities and from each other. This harmful trend can only be resolved through policies that return high-quality academic standards to public education and well-funded and supportive education-choice programs that allow families to access alternatives services to meet the learning needs of all children.” Finne, a former adjunct scholar now serving as Director of the Center for Education at Washington Policy Center, has been analyzing education policy for the past 13 years. Her research suggests the unmistakable decline in the literacy of America’s students from fourth to twelfth grade is a direct result of the shift from academic excellence toward social constructs such as CRT. “Internationally, we do pretty well at the fourth grade,” Finne told The Epoch Times, “but we decline from there.” Recent statistics support her claim. Government data for 2019 shows the average fourth grader has a 41 percent proficiency level in mathematics. By the eighth grade, the proficiency level drops to 34 percent. By the twelfth grade, America’s students have an average math proficiency level of only 24 percent. In reading, fourth graders have an average proficiency rate of 35 percent. By eighth grade, the proficiency level drops to 34 percent, and by the twelfth grade, America’s average student shows only a slight proficiency improvement to 37 percent. In writing, the proficiency levels are 28 percent in fourth grade with eighth and twelfth graders sharing a score of 27 percent. America’s students fare worse in science, with fourth-graders having only a 36 percent proficiency rate and eighth-graders dropping to 35 percent. Twelfth-graders have only a 22 rate of proficiency in science. The worst scores come in history, with fourth-graders starting out with only 20 percent proficiency and dropping to 15 percent by the eighth grade. By grade 12, America’s students have a paltry 12 percent proficiency level in history. Are you interested in how bad is America’s union and leftist dominated public education system is and how to reverse their ‘D-‘ grade to an ‘A+’ grade? If yes, read on but be forewarned: For some of you this MADNESS textbook will be a revelation, an epiphany, a sapient being moment. For others, it will be a triggering event, denial of truth, and a painful intervention. For our civic leaders, elected officials, policy advisors, school board members, college trustees, public and private school officials, state legislatures and departments of education, house and senate members—Education Madness provides an essential resource to fight the illiberal, woke, Marxist, racist, ethnic studies, and progressive programs designed to fundamentally change America and destroy our republic. Below is the chapter outline of Education Madness as follows: Education Madness: A SAPIENT Being’s Guide to Fixing America’s Dysfunctional & Illiberal Educational Systems 1.How Bad Are America’s High School, Community College & University Systems? 2.NEA & AFT Teacher Unions: The Worst of the Worst Are Failing Our Students 3.The Pandemic Mistakes of Masking, Remote Learning & School Shutdowns 4.Marxist, Progressive, Racist, LGBTQ & Ethnic Studies Programs Are Being Exposed 5.Social Justice, Woke Schooling & Critical Pedagogies Are Ruining U.S. Education 6.SPLC/NEA & Leftists Writing Your Child’s History, Science & Social Studies Curriculum 7.Campus Illiberalism & Intolerance vs. Freedom of Speech & Viewpoint Heterodoxy 8.Critical Race Theory (CRT), Illiberal Diversity Programs, 1619 Fiction vs. 1776 Facts 9.Testing, Admissions, Training, DEI Programs, Escalating Costs, Tuition & Student Debt 10.School Choice: Charter, Private, Religious, Homeschooling & Vocational Schools 11.Student Outcomes vs. Family Backgrounds, Behavior, Income, Schools & Policies 12.Carranza’s Anti-White Racism & Asian Quotas vs. Racial Achievement Gaps 13.Parents and Alumni Fight Back For School Choices & Free Speech Alliances 14.School Board & College Trustee Reformers Are Crucial for Education Reform 15.Reversing America’s ‘D -‘ Grade Education System to an Ascendant ‘A +’ Grade Below is my bio so you can better understand and appreciate my viewpoint diverse, intellectually humble, and centric point-of-view. Author and CEO Biography Corey Lee Wilson was raised an atheist by his liberal Playboy Bunny mother, has three Anglo-Latino siblings, a bi-racial daughter, a brother who died of AIDS, baptized a Protestant by his conservative grandparents, attended temple with his Jewish foster parents, baptized again as a Catholic for his first Filipina wife, attends Buddhist ceremonies with his second Thai wife, became an agnostic on his own free will for most of his life, and is a lifetime independent voter. Corey felt the sting of intellectual humility by repeating the 4th grade and attended 17 different schools throughout California (and one in the Bahamas) before putting himself through college at Mt. San Antonio College and Cal Poly Pomona University (without parents and while on triple secret probation). Named Who's Who of American College Students in 1984, he received a BS in Economics (summa cum laude) and won his fraternity’s most prestigious undergraduate honor, the Phi Kappa Tau Fraternity's Shideler Award, both in 1985. As a satirist and fraternity man, Corey started Fratire Publishing in 2012 and transformed the fiction “fratire” genre to a respectable and viewpoint diverse non-fiction genre promoting practical knowledge and wisdom to help everyday people navigate safely through the many hazards of life. In 2018, he founded the SAPIENT Being to help promote freedom of speech, viewpoint diversity, intellectual humility and most importantly advance sapience in America’s students and campuses. The SAPIENT Being has three programs: Make Free Speech Again On Campus (MFSAOC), Free Speech Alumni Ambassador (FSAA) and the Sapient Conservative Textbooks (SCT) all working together to promote its mission and vision of sapience. The SCT Program has self-published 6 textbooks so far and plans to publish in total 40 MADNESS sapient conservative textbooks in partnership with Fratire Publishing over the span of the 2020 decade.

FREE PDF and EPUB versions of 2021 MADNESS textbooks using coupon code FREESAPIENCE. The three sapient conservative textbook options regularly cost: $9.99 ePUB, $19.99 PDF or $49.99 Paperback

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