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FREE "California Madness" pdf & epub Textbook

Free California Madness Textbook INSTRUCTIONS Follow the "FREE PDF & EPUB Textbook" link above (or the other one below), click "Add to Cart" and then click "View Cart" and then enter coupon code FREESAPIENCE during checkout and the California Madness textbook is yours free of charge. The definitive and up-to-date textbook on California Today's California represents, by far, when compared to the rest of the United States, the worst that “so-called” progressivism has to offer—and if liberal, leftist, and Democratic Party pundits are correct with their declarations that “California is the wave of America’s future”—the decline of our republic in most every category on the “sapience scorecard” is well on its way. The state has earned many times over its various California “crazy” monikers such as the Left Coast, Californification, Mexifornia and a host of others that bring light to the enormous failures of this once golden state whose California dreamin’ utopia is now just a blur in the rear view mirror of California's history. Today, it’s a neo-feudal dystopia but still has the world’s fifth largest economy. How bizarre! In most every statistic, from homelessness, housing, income disparity, identity politics, illegal immigration, environmental mismanagement, climate activism, public education, free speech suppression, anti-business and middle class, pro crime and homelessness, underfunded pensions, big labor and government, excessive taxation, irrational governance, etc.—California has fallen from grace to disgrace in the 21st century. So many of California’s Democratic supermajority priorities, approved legislation, and socialist policies are beyond "unsapient"—more than just shear "madness"—they’re firmly encamped in the "idiocracy" zone with a one-way ticket to a progressivism nightmare. Nevertheless, together, and united, we can stop this Hollywood horror script from becoming a woke reality show if we take decisive action now. As a (once proud) Californian native who will never give up on California, I cover the major issues facing California using viewpoint diversity, sapient think tanks, renowned authors, and detailed reports—all free of fake news and false narratives. However, for some of you this MADNESS textbook will be a triggering event, denial of truth, and a painful intervention. For others, it will be a revelation, an epiphany, and a sapient being moment. Below is the chapter outline as follows. For a more detailed chapter sub-sections outline, please follow the California Madness – Complete Table of Contents link below. California Madness: A SAPIENT Being’s Guide to the State’s Recall, Leftist Policies & Progressive Downward Spiral 1. California: Wave of the Future? Wake of the Past? Or Something in Between? 2. Total Recall: Governor Newsom's Totalitarianism & Pandemic Sanctions 3. The State's Democratic Party Supermajority & Governing Madness 4. California Statistics & State Rankings: Great, Good, Bad, Very Bad, Ugly & Idiotic 5. State Polarization, Diversity Politics, San Francisco Madness & Alarming Projections 6. ‘Anti’ Middle Class, Business & Housing—But ‘Pro’ Green, Crime & Homelessness 7. Population Madness, Legal vs. Illegal Immigration & Demographic Challenges 8. Fixing California’s Many Obstacles to Fast & Affordable Housing Development 9. Earth, Wind, Fire & Water Crises vs. Climate Change & Environmental Madness 10. Mexifornia: Why the State's Largest Ethnic Group is Falling Behind the Others 11. Unbalanced Budgets, Prop Madness, Stolen Stimulus, Voter Fraud & Boondoggles 12. Illiberal Academia, Failing Public Schools & Critical Race Theory Madness 13. Public Sector & Teacher Unions' Pension Madness vs. Fiscal Timebomb 14. The Cost of Big, Bad & Wasteful Government Via Public Employee Unions 15. Stopping the State's Downward Spiral Into Progressivism Madness Below is my bio so you can better understand and appreciate my viewpoint diverse, intellectually humble, and centric point-of-view. Author and CEO Biography Corey Lee Wilson was raised an atheist by his liberal Playboy Bunny mother, has three Anglo-Latino siblings, a bi-racial daughter, a brother who died of AIDS, baptized a Protestant by his conservative grandparents, attended temple with his Jewish foster parents, baptized again as a Catholic for his first Filipina wife, attends Buddhist ceremonies with his second Thai wife, became an agnostic on his own free will for most of his life, and is a lifetime independent voter. Corey felt the sting of intellectual humility by repeating the 4th grade and attended 17 different schools throughout California (and one in the Bahamas) before putting himself through college at Mt. San Antonio College and Cal Poly Pomona University (without parents and while on triple secret probation). Named Who's Who of American College Students in 1984, he received a BS in Economics (summa cum laude) and won his fraternity’s most prestigious undergraduate honor, the Phi Kappa Tau Fraternity's Shideler Award, both in 1985. As a satirist and fraternity man, Corey started Fratire Publishing in 2012 and transformed the fiction “fratire” genre to a respectable and viewpoint diverse non-fiction genre promoting practical knowledge and wisdom to help everyday people navigate safely through the many hazards of life. In 2018, he founded the SAPIENT Being to help promote freedom of speech, viewpoint diversity, intellectual humility and most importantly advance sapience in America’s students and campuses. The SAPIENT Being has three programs: Make Free Speech Again On Campus (MFSAOC), World of Writing Warriors (WOWW) and the Sapient Conservative Textbooks (SCT) all working together to promote its mission and vision of sapience. The WOWW program plans to self-publish 40 MADNESS sapient conservative textbooks in partnership with Fratire Publishing over the span of the 2020 decade in alliance with the MFSAOC program to start 40 chapters on America’s high school and college campuses by 2030.

FREE PDF version using coupon code FREESAPIENCE. The three sapient conservative textbook options regularly cost: $7.99 ePUB, $14.99 PDF or $34.99 Paperback

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