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SAPIENT Being News Update From Corey Lee Wilson

S.A.P.I.E.N.T. Being News Update

It’s been a busy year so far for the SAPEINT Being and first off and foremost—I’m proud to announce we successfully completed our first fiscal year of Board of Directors (BOD) meetings held every quarter and you can check out our awesome BOD’s at:

The Society Advancing Personal Intelligence & Enlightenment Now Together (SAPIENT) Being is an educational and non-political 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization where donations to help support our three programs explained below are warmly accepted and are tax deductible.

Make Free Speech Again On Campus (MFSAOC) Program

Provide high school and college students the opportunity to start SAPIENT Being campus clubs, chapters, and alliances where independent, liberal, and conservative minded students can meet, discuss, and debate important issues and develop sapience in the process. Learn more about the process of practicing, protecting, and promoting viewpoint diversity, freedom of speech, and intellectual humility as part of the Make Free Speech Again On Campus (MFSAOC) program for on or off site campus groups at

World Of Writing Warriors (WOWW) Program

Return free speech, open dialogue and civil discourse to high school and college students and journalists without the cancel culture against those with differences in opinion, ideologies, and practices. Encourage open debate, dialogue, and the free expression of alternative and non-orthodox viewpoints with the goal of creating a World Of Writing Warriors (WOWW) program at that upholds journalistic standards throughout all types of campus journalism and media.

Sapient Conservative Textbooks (SCT) Program

Relevant and current events textbooks program to help return conservative values, viewpoint diversity, and sapience to high school and college students and enlighten them on the many blessings to humankind that are the direct result of American exceptionalism, Western European culture, and Judeo-Christian values. The ethos for every textbook in the Sapient Conservative Textbooks (SCT) program is truth without bias and for more information on the 50 titles please visit the program website at

Sapience, also known as wisdom, is the ability to think and act using knowledge, experience, understanding, common sense and insight. Sapience is associated with attributes such as intelligence, enlightenment, unbiased judgment, compassion, experiential self-knowledge, self-actualization, and virtues such as ethics and benevolence.

Becoming a sapient being is a lifelong journey and is not about identity politics, it’s about doing what is right (no political pun intended) and borrows many of the essential qualities of Centrism that supports strength, tradition, open mindedness, and policy based on evidence not ideology.

Sapient beings are independent minded thinkers that achieve common sense solutions that appropriately address America’s and the world’s most pressing issues. They gauge situations based on context and reason, consideration, and probability. They are open minded and exercise conviction and willing to fight for it on the intellectual battlefield. Sapient beings don't blindly and recklessly follow their feelings or emotions or answer to a mob-like mindset and its idiocracy

Their unifying ideology is based on truth without bias, reason, logic, the scientific method, and pragmatism—and not necessarily defined by compromise, moderation, or any particular faith—but is considerate of them.

The SAPIENT Being’s Five Sapient Conservative Textbooks For 2021

I’m also proud to announce the SAPIENT Being is committed to its goal of self-publishing through Fratire Publishing five (5) MADNESS sapient conservative textbooks each year (see 2021’s below) and this first year 2021, three have been published so far and the remaining two are in the works:

Fake News Madness: A SAPIENT Being’s Guide to Spotting Fake News Media & How to Help Fight and Eliminate It (published January 2021)

Crime Rate Madness: A SAPIENT Being’s Guide to the Color of Crime, Antifa, BLM, SPLC & OSF Impacts on Criminal Justice (published March 2021)

Voting Madness: A SAPIENT Being’s Guide to Election Irregularities, Voter Fraud, Mail-In Ballots, HR1 and More (published June 2021)

California Madness: A SAPIENT Being’s Guide to the State’s Recall, Leftist Policies & Progressive Downward Spiral (estimated September 2021 publication)

Free Speech Madness: A SAPIENT Being’s Guide to Big Tech’s & Media’s Bias Against Conservative Ideals & Values (estimated December 2021 publication)

The primary purpose of the 50 MADNESS series of textbooks to be published 5 per year during the 2021 decade is to introduce, expose, and touch upon a growing list of “madness” topics that present themselves in the 21st century. By using sapience as the foundation for addressing the most important issues and problems facing America and the world today, together—left, right, and center—we can achieve common sense solutions that support the public trust, promote good will, and serve the common good.

FREE Sapient Conservative Textbooks For Fraternity Brothers & Alumni

For some of you these MADNESS textbooks at: will be a triggering event, denial of truth, and a painful intervention. For others, they will be a revelation, an epiphany, a sapient being moment. Regardless, the SAPIENT Being is offering for life a FREE pdf version of every 50 MADNESS textbook using these coupon codes below:

EDDIERYAN for the older AKS alums, bastards, and non-conformists.

DTMAXWELL for Delta Tau Chapter bros in honor of our Maxwell wins.

I’m providing the first three “PDF” VERSION ONLY for free textbooks for all brothers, as well as the other 47 to follow this decade (5 per year) as a benefit of brotherhood in Alpha Kappa Sigma Fraternity of Cal Poly Pomona and the Delta Tau Chapter of Phi Kappa Tau.

Corey Lee Wilson Biography

Some of you who don’t know me personally may have heard a slew of profane, biased, and false accusations about me—so to help set the record straight—here is a brief biography that shines light on why I was destined to become a sapient being and lead this altruistic movement.

Corey Lee Wilson was raised an atheist by his liberal Playboy Bunny mother, has three Anglo-Hispanic siblings, a brother who died of AIDS, baptized a Protestant by his conservative grandparents, attended temple with his Jewish foster parents, baptized again as a Catholic for his first Filipina wife, attends Buddhist ceremonies with his second Thai wife, became an agnostic on his own free will for most of his life, and is a lifetime independent voter.

Corey felt the sting of intellectual humility by repeating the 4th grade and attended eighteen different schools before putting himself through college at Mt. San Antonio College and Cal Poly Pomona University (while on triple secret probation). Named Who's Who of American College Students in 1984, he received a BS in Economics and won his fraternity’s most prestigious undergraduate honor, the Phi Kappa Tau Fraternity's Shideler Award, both in 1985.

As a satirist and fraternity man, Corey started Fratire Publishing in 2012 and transformed the fiction “fratire” genre to a respectable and viewpoint diverse non-fiction genre promoting practical knowledge and wisdom to help everyday people navigate safely through the many hazards of life. In 2018, he founded the SAPIENT Being to help promote freedom of speech, viewpoint diversity, intellectual humility and most importantly advance sapience in America’s students and campuses.

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