• Corey Lee Wilson

California Madness: The SAPIENT Being's Latest Sapient Conservative Textbook

The S.A.P.I.E.N.T. Being's Sapient Conservative Textbooks (SCT) Program is set to publish its fourth conservative textbook California Madness and you can preview a FREE pdf version starting on September 8, 2021. The SAPIENT Being’s next and fourth sapient conservative textbook titled California Madness is on its way to being written with a tentative pub date of Tuesday, September 7, 2021, ahead of the governor Newsom Recall date of September 14, 2021. Today's California represents, by far, when compared to the rest of the United States, the worst that “so-called” progressivism has to offer—and if liberal, leftist, and Democratic Party pundits are correct with their declarations that “California is the wave of America’s future”—the decline of our republic in most every category on the “sapience scorecard” is well on its way. The state has earned many times over its various California “crazy” monikers such as the Left Coast, Californification, Mexifornia and a host of others that bring light to the enormous failures of this once golden state whose California dreamin’ utopia is now just a blur in the past history of California idealism—now a neo-feudal dystopia but still the world’s fifth largest economy. In most every statistic, from homelessness, housing, income disparity, identity politics, illegal immigration, resource mismanagement, climate activism, public education, free speech suppression, anti-business and middle class, underfunded pensions, big labor and government, taxation, governance, etc.—California has fallen from grace to disgrace. So many of California’s Democratic supermajority priorities, approved legislation, and socialist policies are beyond "unsapient"—more than just "madness"—they’re firmly encamped in the "idiocracy" and a roadmap of ruin along a progressive downward spiral. Nevertheless, together and united, we can stop this Hollywood horror script from becoming a sad reality if we take decisive action now. As a once proud native Californian, I cover the major issues facing California using viewpoint diversity, sapient think tanks, renowned authors, and detailed reports—all free of fake news and false narratives. However, for some of you this MADNESS textbook will be a revelation, an epiphany, a sapient being moment—but for others, it will be a triggering event, denial of truth, and a painful intervention. Below is the tentative chapter outline as follows: California Madness: A SAPIENT Being’s Guide to the State’s Recall, Leftist Policies & Progressive Downward Spiral 1. California: Wave of the Future? Wake of the Past? Or Something in Between? 2. Total Recall: Governor Newsom's Totalitarian Pandemic Sanctions 3. The State's Democratic Party Supermajority & Governing Madness 4. California Statistics & State Rankings: The Good, the Bad, the Ugly 5. State Polarization, Identity Politics, Unsapient Policies & Alarming Projections 6. Anti-Middle Class, Anti-Business & Anti-Housing Madness: The Exodus 7. Population Madness, Legal vs. Illegal Immigration & Demographic Challenges 8. Taxafornia: California's Addiction to Taxing, Spending & Overregulation 9. Disasterfornia: Earth, Wind & Fire Mismanagement vs. Climate Change Madness 10. Mexifornia: Why the State's Largest Ethnic Group is Falling Behind the Others 11. Social Engineering, Ballot Propositions & Legislation Madness 12. Failing Public Schools, Ethnic Studies Mandate & Needed Educational Reform 13. Public Sector Unions' Underfunded Pension Funds Madness & Timebomb 14. Big Government, Big Labor & Big Tech’s Leftist Manipulation & Indoctrination 15. Stopping the State's Downward Spiral Into Progressivism Madness

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