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Banned Prager U Videos! Why?

Start a SAPIENT BEING Organization on Campus

Film and video are powerful mediums and so is their impact when available for viewing. The current lawsuit by Prager U against Google and You Tube for banning 21 (and counting) of their short informational videos on YouTube can make for a perfect freedom of speech and expression issue affecting social media platforms. For a quick introduction check out this link at:

Film screenings are a great way to draw people into your SAPIENT BEING club, chapter or alliance at high schools, community colleges and universities who are not familiar with the SAPIENT BEING'S Make Free Speech Again on Campus (MFSAOC) movement and the World of Writing Warriors (WOWW) program. Movie screenings also double as social events where members of your campus group can bring their friends and meet new people.

Check your school’s policies on hosting movie screenings, then play videos on a member’s laptop from this link at: and link (dual-screen setting) to a projector or smartboard for viewing. Each of the 21 videos is about 5 minutes long so reserve a 2-hour time frame for this event.

Prior to the event, be sure to reserve a space that will accommodate your anticipated audience. If possible, select a space that has comfortable seating (lounge chairs as opposed to desks). Plan how you will show the short videos and be sure you have the proper A/V equipment (projectors, HDMI or VGA cable connection between laptop and A/V consul, DVD players, etc.) ready to go.

Next, plan an agenda for the movie night. It is important to have someone introduce the movie and explain why your group selected this topic and issue. You may wish to host a discussion before or after the event to talk about how import freedom of speech, viewpoint diversity and intellectual humility is to your campus and draw a connection between the banned videos and freedom of speech suppression.

On the day of your videos screening, arrive early to set-up the room, put out snacks for your guests, and test your videos. As students arrive, collect their contact information so you can follow up about future activism events hosted by your group and expand your membership.

Starting a SAPIENT BEING organization on a campus and/or becoming a member is easy at Check it out or send us an email at or call us at (951) 638-5562 between 8:00 AM and 6:00 PM PST Monday through Friday for more information and questions. We have more activism Ideas for a S.A.P.I.E.N.T. Being club, chapter or alliance on campus and we're here to help you get started, chartered and be successful.

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