Society Advancing Personal Intelligence and Enlightenment Now Together.


Return Free Speech, Open Dialogue and Civil Discourse to College Campuses.


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Make Free Speech Again on Campus

The SAPIENT Being’s project goal is to help return and maintain freedom of speech and expression to high school, community college and university campuses by creating SAPIENT Being Clubs, Chapters and Alliances. These on campus organizations shall be the nexus for open dialogue, alternative points of view, and champions of civil discourse.

The Society Advancing Personal Intelligence & Enlightenment Now Together (SAPIENT) Being is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit, non-partisan, non-religious, and non-sectarian organization that subscribes to only one ideology; which is human sapience (wisdom); and welcome with open minds, arms and hearts the believers and practitioners from all ideologies, faiths and walks of life.  

The SAPIENT Being is a great venue for independent minded students who believe in freedom of speech and want to hear both sides of an issue, from any topic, without intimidation. It's also a perfect opportunity for liberal and conservative leaning students to come together and openly debate the hottest and most contentious issues facing America and the world today. 

The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE) surveyed the written policies of 466 colleges and universities, evaluating their compliance with First Amendment standards at only 42 colleges and universities (9% of those surveyed) now earn an overall green light rating. This is a flunking score by any means of measurement and so is the lopsided ratio of liberal to conservative educators.

Furthermore, congruent organizations like Prager U, Heritage Foundation, Hillsdale College, Turning Point USA, Media Research Center, Young Americans Foundation, and others also have programs that uphold rigorous standards of teaching and scholarship that deepens the understanding and appreciation of America’s Constitution, First Amendment and its exceptionalism.

So does the SAPIENT Being. However, our primary focus is independent and moderate students who appreciate more than ever conservative principles and values but are intimidated to express them. This is the student body politic that will influence and help determine America’s future. We believe our Make Free Speech On Campus Again Program can be their spark.


The WOWW Program is a partnership between the SAPIENT Being and Fratire Publishing that provides a unique opportunity for promising and unpublished writers, student and graduate journalists, debate programs and sponsors, white paper researchers and authors of every discipline and background to contribute to any of the MADNESS titles and chapters and be recognized for it. Because Fratire Publishing is a small but determined independent publisher, it makes the perfect home for the WOWW Program with its MADNESS series of titles.

These books are meant to be the spark, the starting point, the damning expose on a variety of the hottest issues and topics in America and the world in the 21st century. Becoming a writing warrior provides you the unique opportunity to fight back, and reverse the practices in mainstream media, social medial, and illiberal establishments that in principal and in practice are antithetical to an intellectually vibrant campus and academic culture. Every SAPIENT Being member has this opportunity, and they have it for life!

Throughout today's multiple media channels, the purveyors of fake news as well as America's predominantly liberal, and sometime leftist, primary and secondary educational and academic institutions, there are hundreds, if not thousands of stories, papers, thesis, that are not being told. Together, we can reverse that trend and develop and strengthen academic centers and programs at our high schools, colleges and universities by ensuring they uphold rigorous standards of teaching and scholarship that exemplify America's greatness and founding principles.

Want to be part of WOWW? If yes, check out the WOWW's A - Z Book List below and don't get mad, get writing. Some of the first MADNESS book titles to be released are shown below, starting in January 2020 with a new book issued every month. If you're interest in being part of the solution and not the problem and desire to join the WOWW Program, please register below and then send us direct correspondence by email with your research and/or or writing topic/project proposal to MADNESS Topic Suggestions at 

World of Writing Warriers (WOWW)

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