Here are 8 free download resources used to help start, get approval and succeed with your campus organization.

Make Free Speech Again on Campus

"Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored."
Aldous Huxley
High School Club Activism Kit

Starter kit contains one 4' x 2' banner, 55 club flyers, 65 nametags, 55 posters, 55 bookmarks, and 135 business cards. Cost is $100.

Starter kit contains one 4.5' x 2' banner, 65 club flyers, 85 nametags, 65 posters, 65 bookmarks, and 165 business cards. Cost is $125.

University Alliance 
Activism Kit

Starter kit contains one 5' x 2' banner, 80 club flyers, 100 nametags, 80 posters, 80 bookmarks, and 200 business cards. Cost is $150.

Community College
Chapter Activism Kit

Society Advancing Personal Intelligence and Enlightenment Now Together.


Return Free Speech, Open Dialogue and Civil Discourse to College Campuses.


Phone: 951-638-5562

Registered Charity: EIN # 83-3685019

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